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Cough/Throat Drops for children above 3 years old 
hostebolcher hoste bolcher halsbolcher hals bolcher hals bolsjer hoste stærk  halsbolsjer

60g, Mild menthol, orange-flavour,herbs

Product information

Fribol Cough/Throat Junior is, like the other variants in the series, strong drops that among other things contain extracts from the herb thyme and raw materials known for the refreshing and - as many people say - soothing properties. This variant is a mild orange-flavoured version made specifically for children who are old enough to suck on sweets.


Sugarfree, glutenfree, lactose free. 

Sweetenter (sucralose) – tooth friendly

Ingredients:Filler:Polydextrose,Acids:E330,Flavours, Herbs extract, Thyme extract,Colours E100,E162Sweetener: Sucralose.



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