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Allow budding new ideas to germinate and help create exciting new innovations. 


If you have a good idea, a new FRIBOL favourite or if you have long had a sugar-free product in mind that you would like to see, please share your ideas and suggestions with us.


General questions about our products are also welcome on this page.


Enter your name, your e-mail and your idea/question. 

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I am particularly fond of Scout Sweets and would like to know whether you would consider selling them in a larger pack than the 70g available at the moment?


Thanks for some really great products by the way!


Best wishes, Bente Bente Karlsen, Funen





Hi Bente,


Thanks for your enquiry. Unfortunately, as you write, Scout Sweets are only available in 70g tins but we’re not going to rule out the possibility of having larger packs at some point, so we’ll certainly consider it. 





Your cough/throat drops are just amazingly effective. I particularly liked the strong ones. My question is: Can you get them in lemon flavour? Lemon is refreshing when you have a cold, and it might definitely go down well with a lot of people.



Kurt Sønderby



Hi Kurt



Thanks for contacting us and for your idea. Actually, it already exists. And yes, you’re entirely right. Many people do actually go for the lemon flavour. 







My daughter has developed diabetes. I would like to know where I can buy your products. I have heard through my dietician that the Fribol products might be a suitable option for her.



Best wishes,

K Karen Ingemann




Hi Karen,


Our products are available from many pharmacies and chemists. You’re also welcome to just click onto our blog at:

 or on this page under Resellers.


We refer to our resellers in both places.



Best wishes,






We love grapes in this house. Is it possible to make a sugar-free product with the flavour of grapes. That would be right up our street! We already buy your FRIBOL orange sweets.



Best wishes,

The Duus Family






Hi, Duus Family



Thanks for your question and your input. It’s not something we’ve really thought about, but it will certainly be included in our deliberations next time we’re making new products.



Best wishes,







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