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Cough/Throat Drops with Propolis
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60g, Strong with hony-flavour,herbs

Product information

Fribol Cough/Throat Propolis is, like the other variants in the series, strong drops that among other things contain extracts from the herb thyme and raw materials known for the refreshing and - as many people say - soothing properties. This variant has propolis added to it in addition to the liquorice extract. Propolis is an anti-bacterial substance produced by bees to protect their hives from viruses and bacteria. Propolis has long been recognised as a substance that provides the body with internal benefits.


Sugarfree, glutenfree, lactose free. 

Sweetenter (sucralose) – tooth friendly

Can be eaten during pregnancy and breastfeeding.

Ingredients:Filler:Polydextrose,Acids:E330,Ammonium Chloride,Liquoeice extract,Flavours,Herbs extract,Thyme extract,Propolis 0,4%Sweetener: Sucralose.



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