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Sugar free Drops


Liquorice, Liquorice Lozenges, Liquorice Scouts, Peppermint,

Forest Fruits, Strawberry.


Sweetened with Steviol glycoside



Sugarfree CANDIES with sweeteners
Ingredients:Filler:Polydextrose,Acids:E330,( depend of taste)Please ask.

Ammonium Chloride,Liquoeicepowder,( depend of taste)Please ask


Colours ( depend on taste ) Please ask.

Sweetener: Stevia glycoside




Sugar-free Drop Sweets sweetened with steviol glycoside

form the Stevia plant.

65 grammes  tin

Liquorice-Liquorice Lozenges-Liquorice Scouts- Peppermint- Forest Fruits- Strawberry.

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